Introduction to FledgeΒΆ

Fledge is an open sensor-to-cloud data fabric for the Internet of Things (IoT) that connects people and systems to the information they need to operate their business. It provides a scalable, secure, robust infrastructure for collecting data from sensors, processing data at the edge and transporting data to historian and other management systems. Fledge can operate over the unreliable, intermittent and low bandwidth connections often found in IoT applications.

Fledge is implemented as a collection of microservices which include:

  • Core services, including security, monitoring, and storage

  • Data transformation and alerting services

  • South services: Collect data from sensors and other Fledge systems

  • North services: Transmit data to historians and other systems

  • Edge data processing applications

Services can easily be developed and incorporated into the Fledge framework. The Fledge Developer Guides describe how to do this.